Under federal & state guidelines, many food companies are required to periodically verify the effectiveness of their HACCP plans. The failure to do so can result in serious repercussions. Our experts can help you verify the effectiveness of your HACCP Food Safety System.

The Silliker HACCP Certification & Verification Audit program, is a comprehensive review of how your HACCP plans are being implemented. You'll receive a thorough verification to help you determine if your HACCP plans are working as written. The auditor reviews your plans, your records and makes on-site observations.

From GMPs and sanitation standard operating procedures, Silliker auditors can review your prerequisite programs and HACCP plans to determine if they are being followed as written. Through on-site plant visits, record reviews, and other applicable tools, we provide you with detailed, user-friendly reports.

More than a report card, our comprehensive audit report identifies potential risks and negotiates with your HACCP management team to establish a proactive framework to manage corrective actions.

Click here for our online HACCP Questionnaire.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the questionnaire.
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